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Across the Puddle is a family-owned, sustainable jewelry and crafts brand that protects, preserves, and reproduces the historic, unique craftwork of indigenous cultures worldwide. We support individual artisans and indigenous communities across the world who are using the same methods as their ancestors to produce timeless, high-quality pieces that will last for generations. We’ve also partnered with museums and historical societies (including the Met) to create reproductions of pre-Columbian and other artifacts using these same ancient methods. We care deeply about protecting the environment, and our hand-made, small-batch products are a low-impact alternative to mass-produced jewelry and accessories.

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The Wayuu People

For over 500 years, the Wayuu people have preserved their colorful tradition of weaving as a symbol of dedicated resilience and strength. As a rite of passage into adulthood, young girls are kept in isolation for a short period, during which time they learn about the importance of nurture and care in the community. Part of this education involves observing and reflecting on the natural and human world and learning how to channel their observations into weaving complex patterns, colors, and shapes. This weaving knowledge—passed down from mother to daughter for generations—is expressed through beautiful bags, hats, and hammocks. Because many people from the indigenous Wayuu community have little or no access to education, many families continue to rely on this tradition for their income, and we are committed to promoting fair trade for Wayuu women by providing sustainable access to the global marketplace.

Filigree Expert Artisans

Worldwide, Filigree is a delicate, ancient technique that is found in the jewelry of many early civilizations, including the Persians, Egyptians, and Greeks. The painstaking and intricate process of soldering tiny beads and twisted threads together also found its way into the impressive artwork of Italy, Portugal, and Spain. It was in the 15th-century colonial era when the technique was brought to America by Spanish settlers in the Mompox and Santa Fe de Antioquia regions of modern-day Colombia. Since then, the knowledge has been passed from generation to generation (in many cases jealously guarded) preserving the technique as it was used in ancient times. Across the Puddle works closely with filigree experts from around the world to ensure careful attention to detail and accuracy in the reproduction process.

Lost Wax Technique Artisans

Worldwide, evidence of this intricate technique can be found in gold and metal workings in cultures around the globe. Artisans carefully craft a wax specimen of their design, paying close attention to surface-level details and markings that will brilliantly show up in the final product. After covering the wax specimen in either charcoal or clay, the artisan then applies intense heat to melt away the wax, forming a mold. Finally, the artisan pours liquid gold or metal alloy into the mold to create their masterpiece. Today, expert craftworkers continue practicing this special process, preserving their unique cultural traditions for generations to come.

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